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How Mobile Ticketing Is Shifting the Narrative for Sporting Fixtures

E-tickets has over the years been related with the transport industry through bookings. This has shunned the adoption of the previous paper tickets. Mobile ticketing is the new wave which has been adopted by the sporting fraternity. The attendance of events has created a demand for new systems of booking.

With a smart device in your hand, you can gain access to various services. You can pay for your food and drinks, gain an all access pass and book for a ticket. The system for mobile ticketing has been adopted by some American Football Stadiums. With a great rate of response by the public, it is set to be rolled out to other sporting events.

User experience has been at the forefront of most stadium owners keen on adopting the new wave of technology. Apart from boosting the user experience, the new technology also boosts the security standards at these events.

With mobile access, you can access services to and from the stadium. Users are also enabled to access a wide host of functions while within the event. Some of the added advantages of the mobile access is gain access to garage, food, packing and security passes. A user can access their seat at the press of a button. The hassle of ordering for food and drinks from vending machines is also settled.

You can use the mobile access to locate a nearby emergency exit or toilet. Additionally, users gain loyalty points from their team depending on their attendance. It also eliminates the presence of ticket touts who take advantage of users. Most fans end up purchasing tickets at inflated prices from ticket touts.

Without printing the tickets, money is freed up on logistics. With the money saved can be channeled to improve the users experience while at the stadium. Also, it creates an environmental impact with less use of paper.

Mobile ticketing is set to raise the standards of user experiences in stadiums. Loyal fans can feel directly engaged with the event organizers through the new technology. A unique team experience together with value for the investment can be ploughed back by the fans. Gone will be the days where fake tickets are in circulation during sporting events.

A new era beckons with the application of the new technology system. There are a number of high end sporting events which already have the system in play. Masses of sports fan are embracing the technology and with time it would set a trend. 2020 is set to be the year when the new technology is set to take off.

Presale codes are bound to have mass acceptance when the system is fully rolled out with sporting events. More details concerning how the system will apply in different outdoor games are yet to surface.

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